How culture shapes people?

It was around 6 pm, at rush hour, and the bus was filled with people who hurry to go back home. Her color is black and she wears a red middle long coat, under the lights of the bus, her coat makes her skin color looks very beautiful.

She wears a nice glass with a golden frame and a black leather bag in her hand makes her looks very intellectual. She spoke perfect German, an old German lady was sitting nearby her, they both had an excited talk about something.

I observe them and wondering how culture shapes people.  She might come from a small village in Africa, with her family she moved here or even possible she born here. If you compare her with her African counterparts, you will see how different they are.

So many years, I keep a habit to write a diary. I have a diary book which records my last 10 years’ memories. One day, I was alone at home and suddenly a voice came to my mind: read your diary. I was sitting with a glass of wine in my hand and enjoyed the travel in my ‚diary time machine‘. It was raining, with light music, I felt very relaxed and comfortable. The diary brought me to a time 10 years ago. A little girl and a young woman’s sad and happy moments.

I am surprised that when I read the diary, I feel like I am watching someone else whom I don’t know. Some of the emotions and thoughts I can’t understand, but still she is me!

I was born in China. Six years before I come to Germany, the diary helps me to realize how am I changed by the culture. This change I did not realize till I read my diary. It is such a big comparison of now without my own eyes to read the former ‘Me’ I will never believe people can be changed so much by the culture.

We all talk about culture? What is culture? Hardly to say. It never stops changing by its own and never stops changing people inside of its system. Just when you jump it out and live in another culture system, you become aware of it.

Two years ago, I visited my family, my little nephew said, aunt, you look like a foreigner! Your behaviors like a foreigner. One of my friends comes from Australian. After 8 years in China, 2 years in Africa, several years in Switzerland, UK, Germany, she told me when she returned to Australian, people always ask her where she comes from.   She made fun about herself and said now she is homeless and doesn’t know where she belongs.

Culture is a beautiful thing. You need certain time and dive yourself inside of a culture for a bit long time that you can realize what it is. Then,  you can feel it and breath it. With so many different cultures, our human society is wonderful and diversity! Our life is short, don’t afraid of culture shock, because, after the shock, your dairy is not just black and white pages, it contains colorful pages as well. At the end of life, you will remember more about your entire ‘journey’.